Variants Of Poker

If we think of a casino game, definitely in the top five games we can think of Video Poker, a game that comes from the theme of the slot machines, poker also because it is ultimately a slot with French cards. The purpose of the game and make the scores with poker cards, the scores are virtually identical to the traditional poker, because unlike the Italian poker is played with all the cards in the deck, plus jokers, called for more "Wild" , which takes a value automatic for the best score.

This is already a small variation of the scoring rules of the poker, another variant very substantial, the game of video poker do not have opponents, then we should not beat no score, the aim is achieve a score, which is paid that is winning, it is also goes without saying that the more the score is higher and the payoff is rich.

The course of the game begins after our bet, as in the most common slot machine at this point the slot offers the player the video poker, five cards in a row, this is the distribution of cards, once viewed, we must decide which cards to discard and which to keep, such as the most classic traditional poker hand (remember that the wildcard should always be kept), you may discard all 5 cards and make a totally new, for once, then the slot 2 is an all hands of cards, we can also keep them all but this is an automated software video poker, because even if all the top 5 cards, they have made a point, it means winning.

In Video Poker the minimum score to be paid with a payout are the pair of Jack, the highest score is the royal flush in color ranging from 10 to Ace, a straight flush ace does not arrive (another little variation from the poker). Other important tips, do not change poker always play the same, if you let it, and you have contributed to the jackpot, you have only added another player possible winner, play with patience, do not go quickly, always play in a serene environment, without listening to this advice or that one, organized a strategy, another aspect, attention to the bets and the buttons you press or click with the mouse in online casinos.

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