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In a difficult moment because of the global economic crisis, the gambling industry is scoring a positive comes from the Italian casinos. The Sunroom Casino achieves a 20% more in August just past, with a considerable sum of nearly € 10 million collection, a figure that compared with the same period last year, marking an increase of 20.6 %, which translated into cash are 1.6 million, important numbers for the entire gaming industry and casino Italians in general.

Growth envisaged and hoped for by the management of the gambling Liguria numbers which restores morale and desire to continue with the strategies adopted, the growth of the collection. Compared to 2008: slot machines have collected nearly 7 million, an increase of 7.6 percentage, while the traditional casino games have collected about 2.9 million Euros.

If then the analyzes are done from the beginning of the year always in comparison with 2008, the casino has collected Liguria +55 million, bringing the decline in only 5.7%, if we consider that in the months of June and July the decrease was about 10%, in the hottest period of August, the gambling house has got a slope of 5%, which translated into more money make more than 2 million euro.

Obviously there is great satisfaction in all the management, the statements coming from Pontiac Did Donator, president of the casino, who spent his summer vacation, right in his casino "He exploited the positive wave coming from the previous months, so Special for new slot machines and poker tournaments on our promotions, especially for texas hold'em, our casino has hosted the Italian league, where 350 players have registered, which together with the accompanying filled the gambling halls, a significant number of people who have contributed to crowd the many facilities around the casino. "

Another very important aspect was the presence of players in the halls of slot machines, with a winning percentage of 95% (daily). We have seen a return on the part of players, "VIP" at the tables of chemin de fer, the loyalty is the important basis for any home game.

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