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I describe here a popular way by which the greedy and dishonest webmasters seeking to lose a lot of money to players. The fact that someone offers of free information, without asking any Reward, how to make a lot of money you should alert - no one in this world gives anything. The people who propose these setbacks looks like many professors, mathematicians, i.e. experts who want to share their secrets and make you rich. But let's see what you offer and why it is one thing not to do.

Visitors to those sites are instigated to play roulette following a very old method, invented over a hundred years ago, called red-black that is low on the idea: "Sooner or later it must come out." It 's true, must come out but do not know when and from practical experience we know that this strategy is perfect for spoiling. Among other things, it is very similar conceptually with progressive jackpots that apply to the Lot. We see the proposed technique in detail.

You bet on red or black, or on odd and even. For those who do not know the roulette I point out that the numbers 1 to 36 are associated with one of two colors, red or black. The zero, the 37th number is white.

If you are betting on red or black you win double what it is pointed, that is playing out of EURO 1 red brings us a payout of € 2. The idea of ??the method is to always bet on the same color until the payout. However, to recover losses if the color on which bets have been placed does not come out right away, every time you have to double your stake with respect to the previous round.

15 euro lost in the first 4 episodes and 16 Euros won in the fifth, for a gain of 1 euro. In any case, any blow you win, you gain the figure that corresponds to the first episode. When you win, you start from the beginning, that is, with the episode basis. It could also go, but how many times can come out the same color? This is the main question. In theory it could come out 20 times, also 30. The numbers and the ball does not have memory is every game is independent of the others, so the probability of getting a red or black is always 50%.

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