Preference in The Casino

Preference - a card game. When - is it related to commercial games. Unlike gambling, in these games the result of the game is more dependent on the skills and logical thinking player than by blind chance. Now, with the advent of the Internet - casino, whist there took its rightful place.A little bit of history of preference. Preference is rightly called the noble card game of the Russian nobility. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, he came from France in the nineteenth century, very quickly and successfully ousted whist.

During the reign of Catherine the card boom swept across Russia. None of the balls, none soirees or techniques did not do without the cherished deck of cards. In the furniture industry, even set up special tables for preference. The queen herself was not averse to pass the evening at the card table - so called folding table for card games.

In his memoirs, stay on the waters of the Caucasus, he mentioned the card games, about the faulty players and big losers. And not only Pushkin sinned gambling. Judging by the fact that Nikolai Nekrasov devoted preference poems - he loved to sit at the gaming table: "Fear the mad, afraid Remizov, you can come back with thousands of prizes!" Remiz - it is fine for arrears of bribes preference.

All poetic elite gathering for recitals, loved to stretch one - two partiyki preference. According Zhukovsky - just in time preference appeared in corrupt Russian card games, having won all its nobility, intelligence and wealth of combinations.Now there are many derivatives of classical preference. All of them have some differences in the rules. This or that sequence of stroke, or the number of points you will get, or the terms of bribes.


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