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Nearly the whole world market of software for gambling is controlled by two companies: Plastic and Micro gaming. All of the major and most popular online casinos only use their software that has been on the market for years and who gave the evidence of the reliability and safety, both for the players, but also for managers. The requests of the operators in the field they develop complete applications, games, financial management of customer accounts and the applications used to attend the same. A very complex job that involves lots of programmers who share the tasks in function packages. Following the development of the hardware, have reached a level graphic and audio unimaginable until a few years ago. The graphics are very realistic in 3D, with the fluent animation and audio can play perfectly all the sounds and noises of a land based casino.

But the heart of a software genre, the player can not see, is the part that generates the results of the game, the number on which the roulette ball will land, the combination of which will be released on the slots or cards that will be distributed to the bank and to the players in the game of blackjack.

As the players concerned by the potential rogue casinos, casinos also fear offending players (play, for example, with the stolen credit cards), but even more good ones, a kind of hacker who knows everything about computers, programming and on the algorithms that produce the results of the game. They try to predict the outcome of a game made by them using the software that tells them the outcome of the next hand on the basis of those that occurred previously. Keep in mind that in the world of the production of software for casinos work many programmers. Often one of them is the idea of ??trying to increase revenues by using their knowledge of the software acquired during its development.

The result of a game is based on the use of so-called random number generators. It is mathematical formulas that generate those numbers and that inside contain at least one parameter that should be random. One of the parameters used for this purpose is the time of the event.

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