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Blackjack has the controversial origins, there are those who asserts that he was born in Italy, others say in France, however, blackjack is a classic game played in casinos and gaming halls private, the dealer is always an employee of the gambling hall or a casino dealer both online and traditional. Blackjack is played with six decks with 54 cards without the French wildcard. In the blackjack table can usually sit up to seven players can play but the players behind those seated.

The blackjack table has a field for each player where to put the stakes betting, we see the rules of the game in general, if the bank loses, he must pay double the bet to the winning play, then pays even money. The purpose of blackjack is to get as close as possible to the point 21, made with cards and money you should not pass it over, otherwise you will lose "is bust", this also applies to the dealer.

Let's see how you play and how you count cards. Of course, the dealer must mix the large deck game, once held this delicate operation (in real casinos you stop playing for several minutes before resuming play), puts all cards in the "sabot" as baccarat, with a colored paper ("talon" non-playable character which is not valid).

At the beginning and one at the end and another more than half of the deck when it comes out the colored paper that has been made towards the end, the player knows which is the last game with that deck (someone counts the cards and to overcome this, the casino does not play with a few cards) and before you begin deployment off the top five.

The value of the cards is nominal, face cards are worth 10 and the ace is worth 1 or 11 to the player's choice. The bet must be made in cash before receiving the cards, each player can play blackjack on several parts (played multiple), the player receives the first two cards dealt to a player by player and once for the same dealer (so two rounds of cards), all findings except for himself that are covered.


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