Mental Characteristics of Gambling

Modern psychology has become incredibly fashionable allocate gaming addiction as a disease that requires treatment. Comparing gamers and Gamblers with schizophrenics who suffer from a split personality, they are constantly being fed their pharmacological agents capable to suppress the symptoms, not the source of addiction. Moreover, these drugs do not translate dependence even in remission, which makes them absolutely bespoleznymi.Vazhno understand: the player is not experiencing a split personality. It is a mistake to believe that he sees the game as his idealized society "I am." For him, the game ... and that for him the game? Let's deal by studying the world's most popular theory of the existence and development of gambling addiction.

A very long time, the theory about Skinner pull lever mice, as well as the reflex functions of the works of Pavlov, were the foundation of understanding of gambling addiction. It was believed that the players can keep a lid on voluntary or involuntary treatment of a psychologist. In practice, however, this technique failed miserably: Explaining receiving gambling pleasures for arrears of emotions in the real world is stupid. First, the person has the right to choose other, more emotional way (skiing, skydiving, hiking concerts). Second, even after the hypnotic or prophylactic treatment of people still go back to gambling because of their lives excluded subject promotion (symptom) and not the root cause. Third, in the "reinforcements" for some reason needed and people with a rich, dense graph of life, which does not suffer emotional hunger strike.

Analytical psychology, oddly enough, also has applied nature in matters of gambling. So, Carl Jung considered the archetypes (energy centers of the centers) have each person, but appear quite differently. Modern consumer culture virtually eliminates the manifestation of self-discovery. As a result, a person has to seek interaction with their own archetypes in games, in the images of "Heroes and Villains." The more similar images unconscious man on the characters in the game, the higher the probability that the game will be delayed.

However, in respect of gambling apply on the face of the enemy dealer or soulless slot machine is stupid. Therefore, analytical psychology based on the analysis of archetypes is not applicable here. Moreover, even in the case of its applied nature, the theory of Jung would not allow the answers on how to save people from such a confederation imaginary obrazov.Odnako analytical theory of archetypes according to the method of the maze (in life we ??are looking for a way out of situations, constantly getting into deadlocks) Burlakov developed, has the right to life. It clearly indicated that bridging virtual mazes (difficulties) helps gamers or Gamblers self-actualization, to be successful, which he for some reason can not do in real life.


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