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In general, that the real ones, to call them, and virtual online, they may be lost in the long term?". The answer is yes. Open a casino, equip and manage daily incur costs considerable. If the number of players and money from them played, i.e. the delta remains at the casino is not enough to cover the costs, the budget is in the red. And 'well-known case of the casino town of Sunroom which is almost always at a loss, because it has a very bad management and that this results in huge costs and so the joint is forced from its budget to cover even the negative of the casino.

Just the costs to be incurred to open and equip a casino and to manage it make the difference between a real and a virtual casino. Buy a license for the software that runs the games, buy some servers on which the software will run and employ a dozen people to manage the deal and give the customer service is much cheaper than building a palace, buy dozens of slots, roulette tables and all the other games, and have many dealers, and other service personnel.

This is the reason why the prizes in online casinos are often greater, especially in the slot, and because they can afford to give all those in a real casino bonus that you can not even dream of. A parity of the number of players and their stakes gambling, online casino produces a profit for their managers much higher than with a conventional one.

This is exactly what we intend to do, to allow all fans of online gaming, to live the best possible gaming experience in the casino more safe and high quality. The quality of an online casino is determined chiefly by software, in fact it is the software to determine the graphics of the games, sound effects, speed of play, and of course its reliability and ability to meet the right payout percentages.

To find a good online casino is therefore necessary to choose only casino that have adopted one of the most prestigious online gaming software, because the software depends not only on the quality of the games, but for all aspects of the casino, starting from the allocation of bonus and promotional offers, and ending with the management of data on any rankings tournaments casino.

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