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The charm of Casino, unfortunately most of the players can not enjoy the most magical of  the gambling halls. Our call is to try to do those. In an 'elegant and somehow remained intact over the years. Places that glitzy regaling more letdowns than millions, but who remain stages for the real actors of life, the players. If we think a moment we are all of the players, in fact, we play every day.

So every day games, and six-game item. 's gambling is everywhere. In love life, at work, if you buy a TV, if you make a trip, if you play in your bag if you change your home, if you are a lawyer or if you are a housewife, if, even if at any time you bet, you play, you win or lose, not knowing what he's risking real and how many chances you have to win or to lose.

But a true gambler, he learned in the gambling halls as this is the end line between good luck and bad luck, how hard the life of a player, and for this savors the taste of the casino, and enjoys all the comfort that a grand casino is able to offer.

Certainly celebrated and perhaps even made a deep reflection on what will happen with his life after a win like that. Maybe he had one, two glasses to celebrate, and perhaps ran a few drinks too. The assumptions are endless, but the fact is that it has continued to bet.

He tried pretty much all the slots, roulette, a few rounds of blackjack, ranged everywhere inside the casino. And his post were almost always the maximum allowed for the various games. The whole thing lasted about 4 hours after which our hero is left without a penny. You read that right: he won a million and a half and managed to lose everything in the next 4 hours. Do not believe it!

The casino staff was very shocked and intrigued and at one point they even had the idea of ??contacting the loser and give him a small gift of consolation. In the end it prevailed the way to the customer's privacy and has not done anything about it, but in a matter of the players has become a legend, without name.

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