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I lost a bit 'of time to give the title to this article and what you see here is not that satisfies me completely, but the page has to have his name. The story I'm about to tell you he's amazing and I is difficult to summarize it in two words, that is, give it a name. Where I know the fact that happened? I have friends and acquaintances in the casino world and one of them told me what happened a little 'time ago in one of their online casino.

The story fascinated me and I decided to share it with you. The event really happened, but to make the article more readable and engaging took me a while 'mine. As the player which will be discussed played online, from home, it is obvious that there may be some evidence, so his emotional state and certain developments are a figment of my imagination. After this introduction too long, here's the story.

One evening in April 2009 in one of the online casinos, also advertised on the pages of this site, played a Danish player (you know the nationality of the data of the customer). That day he decided to devote himself to hunt on one of the slots, which, however, was his favorite game at (this is known by its registry, where you store all the games took place).

We can imagine him sitting in his room in front of the computer all the time and push the START button. Suddenly its speakers began to emit a very loud sound, strange, those who have never heard it before: the coins flowing in mass in a metal container. On its screen appeared the letters big and shiny with the word JACKPOT. Always relying on the newspaper the casino you know that the guy has won nearly a million and a half Euros, since it lacked a few tens of thousands.

Up to this point is a story of a relatively normal person who has won a lot of money. We expect that with this money to stop working, you bought a nice new car, of course sports, which turns the world leaving gratuities important. But things did not go well. The newspaper says that after about ten minutes away from winning.

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