Bet On Live Sports

The multiple bet allows you to combine multiple results in a single bet. So you can multiply gains since there is multiplication of odds. A multiple bet must have at least two separate events , and there are several handsets Paris that can give the possibility of error in the combination. So you do not have to win all your selection of Paris in some multiple pairs .

A double bet is a combination bet on sporting events 2 . The results of the two events should be good to generate earnings. The dimensions of the two events are multiplied to determine the total score . If you make more double pairs in a selection of more than two events (egg , double pairs on a selection of 4 games ) , you can earn from two good results.

You bet on Marseille win with a score of 1.10 and the victory of Monaco with a rating of 1.20 , the total score is: 1.10 x 1.20 = 1.32 and if you bet 10 € , you can earn € 13.20 if Marseille and Monaco win. If you decide to bet € 1 per bet , so you will build a total of 6 € for there 6 double pairs possible . To gain something , you must have at least two good results in 4 games . But beware, this gain from two good results does not mean that you will be sure to make a profit if only two good results in your selection is correct.

So Nice and Auberry win, you only win twice the bet Nice / Auberry and you therefore do not benefit because you have wagered a total of 6 € and for a bet of 1 € per bet. So Nice , Granola and Auberry prevail , then you win 3 double pairs.

Attention to the names of each bookmaker as in the example above, some bookmakers may designate these double pairs by " battery 2 parts of 4 " or "/ system 2 4 " . A triple bet is based on the same principle as a double bet except that they are triple combinations . The results of the three events of triple bet must be good to generate earnings. You can also , as we have seen for the daily double to more triple pairs in a selection of five events for example , you can win from three good results, it will be in this case also called "accumulator 3 parts " or 3/number system events.

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